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Here we go again! Summer is coming, and we’re deciding which holiday destination to visit this year. And this year, it’s Santorini. In 2020, I took a trip through Greece, and after visiting Crete, I continued my journey through Greece. And yes, let’s take the boat to Santorini, where I ended up spending 2 weeks. An amazing island, and I’m so happy with the choice to go there. Of course, you want to know exactly what you can do at this destination and which restaurants are the best now. Where is that cozy little bar everyone is talking about? On this page, I’ll try to tell you a bit about Santorini and give you the tools for an unforgettable vacation. A dose of travel inspiration for an unforgettable vacation. Tips about Greece!

Highlights on Santorini

  1. Oia
  2. Red Beach Akrotiri
  3. Lost Atlantis Experience
  4. Amoudi Bay
  5. Wine tasting bij ‘Santo Wines’


Photo gallery from Fira

Photo gallery of Oia


Other photos of Santorini


Santorini, our week on the island was one to never forget!

The island of Santorini is ideal for a short vacation. There are many attractions, all of which are located close to each other. The island is only 18 km long and 6 km wide, and you can drive across the entire island in about 1 hour. We rented a car for 3 days and were able to explore the entire island. For the rest of the days, we stayed in Oia and the capital, Fira.

A Day in Oia

In the morning, we took the local bus from the capital, Fira, to the famous village of Oia. We had read a lot about it and seen many photos. Beautiful holiday pictures of travelers who rented a room with a view of the Caldera. The Caldera is the crater formed by a volcanic eruption. The village of Oia is built on the steep volcanic edge, and this view is unique. We found the village of Oia stunning, but it’s so popular among tourists that real tranquility is hard to find. You see couples taking wedding photos, and everyone is trying to get a picture with one of the breathtaking views. It’s a place you must see, but we advise against taking an expensive hotel at this location. If you still want a hotel room with a Caldera view, look into options in Fira. The prices are more favorable, and you can also find hot tubs with a view.

The Capital, Fira

We booked accommodation here and switched our hotel for one night to get a room with a Caldera view and a hot tub. This was the best decision we made because the view was incredible. Sunset with a view of the Caldera. The capital also has charming shops, numerous restaurants, and cozy bars. It’s the ideal base for exploring the island.

Enjoying the Most Beautiful Places in Santorini

Santo Wines

Wines are produced on Santorini. The fertile volcanic soil proves to be ideal for grapes. There are several winemakers on the island, with Santo Wines being the largest. You can do wine tastings here with a view of the Caldera; there are worse places to spend an afternoon. A tip is to take a taxi there, as it’s centrally located on the island and easily accessible from various holiday villages.

Red Beach and Black Beach

The Red Beach, south of Akrotiri, is a popular beach! It gets its name from the rocks that have a red color. The path to the beach is uneven, so hiking shoes are recommended. There’s a small snack bar at the beach where you can get some food and drinks. You’ll also find several tavernas at the place where you park your car. We found the Red Beach and were very impressed, but we also read a lot about the Black Beach in Perissa. A popular holiday spot with a beautiful black beach, bars, beach clubs, and many restaurants. This is the ideal base on Santorini for young people


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