Santorini, I’ll definitely be back!            #dutchtraveller

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Here we go again! Summer is coming, and we’re deciding which holiday destination to visit this year. And this year, it’s Santorini. In 2020, I took a trip through Greece, and after visiting Crete, I continued my journey through Greece. And yes, let’s take the boat to Santorini, where I ended up spending 2 weeks. An amazing island, and I’m so happy with the choice to go there. Of course, you want to know exactly what you can do at this destination and which restaurants are the best now. Where is that cozy little bar everyone is talking about? On this page, I’ll try to tell you a bit about Santorini and give you the tools for an unforgettable vacation. A dose of travel inspiration for an unforgettable vacation. Tips about Greece!

Highlights on Santorini

  1. Oia
  2. Red Beach Akrotiri
  3. Lost Atlantis Experience
  4. Amoudi Bay
  5. Wine tasting bij ‘Santo Wines’

Breaking rules and making memories on the island of Santorini!

My trip to Santorini was like a wild ride filled with fun and a little bit of mischief.I had spent six months on Zakynthos, then went to Corfu for ten days. After that, I visited Athens for five days before taking a flight to Crete. I was island-hopping in Greece, and...


Photo gallery from Fira

Photo gallery of Oia


Other photos of Santorini


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