How We Met


Our paths first crossed on the Greek island of Lesvos. We found ourselves there, working for two different tour operators. The first time we met, was by the Villa of the Scandinavian guides.

That evening, Sarah was fully engaged in a danish party game with her colleagues called “beer bowling.” As the quizmaster, she held the power to determine the fate of the players, including Timo. Though our connection didn’t fully blossom in these particular roles, there was an undeniable spark between us.

We had the opportunity to meet again a few weeks later, and from that moment forward, our shared journey began. Together we explored the beauty of the island, discovering hidden treasures and creating cherished memories. With these experiences we had a truly romantic summer on Lesvos, and we created countless memories along the way.


Love on Lesvos island

On the beautiful and charming island of Lesvos, we found love.  The island provided the perfect atmosphere for our love story to unfold.

Long distance

We defied the distance, as Sarah pursued her dreams in Tenerife, working at the kids-club in a hotel, while Timo worked as guide on the ski-destination Mayrhofen, Austria.  Visiting each other when possible, our bond together grew even stronger.


Together discovering Corfu

For a period of six months, we created our own little haven on the beautiful island of Corfu, sharing a life filled with love and unforgettable moments.

Goodbye my love

While our love remained strong, different dreams lead us to a difficult goodbye. Sarah pursued her academic dreams in Copenhagen, studying Educational Science, while Timo journeyed back to Austria, embracing the familiar embrace of his beloved Mayrhofen. However, we cherished the hope of a future reunion.


Far away from each other

Sarah continued her studies, got a job at a school, and made the vibrant city of Copenhagen her new home.
Meanwhile, Timo found himself on the picturesque island of Zakynthos, where he enjoyed the beauty of the surroundings, making the most of his time in paradise.

Reunited in Crete!

Taking a daring leap of faith, we reunited on the island of Crete, where Timo was exploring on his travel through Greece. In that magical week, we rediscovered the depth of our love. Our hearts still belonged to each other and we found that we were destined to be together.


 Timo embarked on a visit to Sarah in Copenhagen, eagerly exploring the possibilities of a shared life in the vibrant city. We got the opportunity of buying and renovating a larger apartment, leading to late nights and countless takeaways, successfully passing the IKEA- test, all the while feeling the strength of our love growing even stronger.


A U-turn to Rhodos

We decided to get away for the summer and took a short season by Sunweb on Rhodes. Sarah took care of the Scandinavian guests, while Timo was the destination responsible. In light of the ongoing pandemic and with Rhodes being one of the few open destinations, we received a lot of guests. Unfortunately, being understaffed challenged the level and quality of our service, and gave us sleepless nights, and no days off, ultimately leading to a difficult decision to say goodbye to our beloved travel industry. Seeking relaxation and recovery, we boarded a plane to Spain.

We choose Copenhagen

After considering all options, we ultimately decided that Copenhagen would be the place for us to build our future together. Timo made the official move to Copenhagen, securing a job in the hotel industry, while Sarah embarked on her final year of studying educational science, simultaneously working as a teacher in Nørrebro.


Everyday life in Copenhagen

Balancing our studies and jobs, we are working towards shaping our future and embracing a more stable lifestyle. We seize every opportunity for weekend getaways and city trips, cherishing moments of exploration and relaxation, while spending the summer vacation in Spain, and going on trips to the Netherlands meeting up with family & friends. In the summer, Sarah successfully completed her undergraduate studies and embarked on her master degree in Human Resource Management.

Working and studying

As winter settled in, we continued with study and work, embracing the routine of everyday life. Escaping from the cold, dark winter days, we visited Sarah’s dad in Tenerife, immersing ourselves in the island’s warmth and enjoying the sunshine.



In connection with a romantic getaway to Geneva, Timo had planned a special moment that Sarah was completely unaware of. However, due to last-minute flight cancellations, our plans took an unexpected turn, leading to a nice staycation in Karrebæksminde. Timo executed ‘plan B’, dropping to one knee on a boat with a breathtaking view, and with love filling the air.
Overwhelmed with joy, Sarah happily said “yes” to a future filled with love and shared adventure.


We’re Getting Married!

In a celebration of our love, we have chosen the enchanting island of Corfu as the destination for our wedding. Greece is where our love started and will always having a special place in our hearts. With its picturesque beauty and sentimental value, Corfu is the perfect setting for our wedding, symbolizing our shared love and the memories we hold dear.

We Can’t Wait To Celebrate With You!

Corfu, Greece

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